We’re not just another jewelry store! Braunschweiger Jewelers offers the following services to help care for, clean, repair and update your favorite pieces.


Jewelry & Watch Repairs

Braunschweiger Jewelers will process all your watch and jewelry repair needs.

The safety and security of your jewelry is our top priority; that’s why all work is done on-site by our talented team.

We can easily handle the most complex repair issues with your jewelry, from soldering of a chain to ring sizing you can rest assured your jewelry will be repaired to the highest standard.

Many of the basic watch repair services such as batteries and band repair/replacement can be done on premises and turned around either while you wait or within a weeks' time. General estimates are often given at the time of take in and exact estimates are confirmed before moving forward. In cases where the original manufacture is no longer in business, Braunschweiger has a team of certified horologists capable of working on your fine timepiece or they will arrange to send it to the manufacturer for repair.



Gift Wish lists

Love it. Share it. Get it.


Fill out a Braunschweiger Jewelers’ wish list in store or online and share it with a friend or loved one. Make it easy for loved ones to shop for the treasure you dream of.


Bridal Concierge

Love Stories begin with B…

Braunschweiger Jewelers is known for their selection of stunning bridal jewelry often seen on the pages of top bridal magazines such as New Jersey Bride, InStyle Weddings, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings and Bridal Guide. A Braunschweiger bridal consultant is always on hand with expert advice on selecting the perfect jewelry for your big day.

Shop our extensive collection of engagement rings and wedding bands from leading designers such as Lieberfarb, JB Star and Coast Diamond. We offer a wide selection at every price point from classic to modern styles and even one-of-a-kind, vintage or estate jewelry.

Braunschweiger’ s knowledgeable specialists will also recommend inspired ideas for redesigning or restyling an existing piece to create a beautiful one-of-a kind heirloom. We offer bridal party gifts such as birthstone jewelry and keepsakes. From the very moment of “Will you marry me?” to “I do,” Braunschweiger Jewelers makes dreams come true.


Gift Cards

Kindness and giving go hand in hand.


Purchase a Braunschweiger gift card today and show someone special your kindness and love. Gift cards are available in any increment and do not expire.


Jewelry Buying

We want to buy jewelry from you too.

•   Fine vintage, estate, and antique jewelry
•   Gold, silver and platinum jewelry
•   Vintage and gold watches
•   Diamonds and precious stones

For metals, the evaluation is based on purity and weight. For jewelry and diamonds, one of our GIA educated jewelry professionals will make an offer based on the market value of the individual piece. 

Now is the perfect time to refresh your jewelry box. Contact us today to make an appointment with a jewelry specialist to evaluate your old or unwanted jewelry. 


Redesign and Restyling 

Braunschweiger’s knowledgeable specialists also offer inspired ideas for redesigning or restyling an existing piece to create a beautiful one-of-a kind heirloom.


Let the experts at Braunschweiger redesign and restyle your timeless pieces into something new.


Jewelry Appraisal

If your fine jewelry is lost or stolen, a jewelry appraisal will provide essential details and help replace your cherished pieces should a loss occur. At Braunschweiger Jewelers, we have GIA and AGS trained appraisers to make sure the items that you cherish are expertly valued and documented.

How Jewelry Appraisal Works

Although jewelry appraiser certifications are not required by law, it is in your best interest. Certified gemologists know the attributes that make a piece valuable. They also understand current trends, and how those trends affect the value of your piece. When you bring your jewelry to Braunschweiger Jewelers for an appraisal, we will give your piece the careful attention it deserves.

There are a variety of reasons to have fine jewelry or timepieces appraised. In many cases, owners need written verification of value for insurance purposes. Additionally an appraisal is needed prior to selling a piece, or required to settle an estate. Plan to bring any supporting documentation to your appointment, including purchase or restoration receipts, GIA certificate or other relevant information.

Call us to schedule an appointment!


Jewelry Care & Cleaning


General Tips:


You always want your jewelry and precious gemstones to maintain a pristine shine. Whether you are traveling to the sunny Jersey Shore for a summer weekend or hopping on a plane to a tropical island escaping the winter blues, we think it is important that you know how to care for your precious stones and metals.

When cleaning and caring for your jewelry at home, always remember that each metal and gemstone is unique.


Use Jewelry-specific Cleaners


•   When cleaning your jewelry, make sure you are using a cleaning solution that is best suited for your jewelry type.  There are special solutions for silver, gold, costume, pearls, and colored stone cleaning.

•   Many stones don’t react well to certain solutions so double check that you are using the correct solution; especially for softer stones like Opals or Emeralds.

•   Use caution, many household cleaners contain chemicals that are abrasive to precious metals and gems and can damage their appearance.

•   After cleaning your jewelry, be sure to rinse with water and dry with a non-lint cloth. This will help prevent any skin irritation.


A polishing cloth might be better!


•   Some jewelry should only be cleaned with a polishing cloth.  This goes especially for silver jewelry that has antiquing. (Like John Hardy or David Yurman.) 


The best time to put on your jewelry


•   Put on your jewelry only after showering, applying makeup, lotion or using hairspray. This will help prevent any soaps, powders and creams from getting stuck in the prongs or under stones.

•   Never wear jewelry during sports or at the gym.

•   Hard hits can damage your piece and also potentially hurt you. Make sure you take jewelry off and store it in a safe place to prevent it from getting damaged.

•   When you are very active an earring might fly off, or a necklace pulled off and you may not notice until it is too late.  Also, salty sweat is not good for your jewelry.


Get jewelry inspected regularly


•   We recommend you bring your jewelry, especially your rings, to Braunschweigers every six months for a professional cleaning and prong check.  We offer free inspections and cleanings in both of our locations while you wait.


Get appraisals regularly


•   If jewelry gets lost or stolen, you will want to have a record of what you own and its value. It is recommended to have insurance coverage for expensive items, such as engagement rings.  Be sure you get your pieces appraised at least every 5 years.


When Traveling:


Take a picture of your jewelry before you travel


•   Taking pictures of your jewelry is a great way to keep track of what you have and to also make sure nothing gets lost along the way.


Pack your jewelry in a jewelry travel case


•   You should pack your pieces in a small travel case with a zipper, button or lock with soft fabric on the inside. A jewelry travel case helps jewelry stay in place, prevents tangles and is easy to access. 


Keep your jewelry in your carry-on luggage


•   If you are traveling with valuable pieces, make sure you keep them in your carry-on luggage. You want to make sure you keep it close and in your personal care, especially if you are going on a long trip.


Keep your jewelry safe


•   If you must travel with your jewelry, make sure you lock your jewelry in a safe. Be sure to check before you leave and once you return to make sure everything is in the same place.

•   If you are going to travel with your jewelry only bring what you will wear.

•   If you are leaving some of your jewelry home that’s the perfect time to bring it into Braunschweiger to have it cleaned and/or repaired. Your jewelry is always safe in our vault.


Summer Jewelry Care:


Take your jewelry off before applying sunscreen or lotions


•   Sunscreen coats gemstones, leaving them dull and discolored. As lotion dries, it gets caught under prongs and stones, collects dirt and can even force stones out. If you don’t remove your jewelry or clean it right away, some stones can become permanently discolored.


Do not wear your jewelry in a chlorinated pool


•   Chlorine chemically reacts with the alloys in precious metals, causing your jewelry to dull and discolor.


Leave your jewelry at home when spending time in the ocean


•   Small pieces, especially rings, can slip off undetected. If this happens you are likely never to find it again. Lock your jewelry in a container or locked safe to ensure safekeeping.

•   Another reason to take your jewelry off before you hit the beach is the sand that will stick to your jewelry and scratch the metal and stones. Sand can be abrasive like sandpaper.


If you don’t like to leave your precious jewelry unattended at home or traveling with you, it is a great time to drop it off to get it cleaned and inspected. At Braunschweiger, it is always in safe hands.