For Konner and Melanie, college life was full of places to go and people to see. Yet, it’s their times together that they’ll always remember.

These two young lovers met at the University of Rhode Island in the fall of 2015, at a college Octoberfest event. That day, Konner was a self-described “goof.”

“He immediately caught my eye,” Melanie recalls. “We were with group of college friends and he was the life of the party, being silly and making people laugh. I found his humor so attractive and a few days later through the college grapevine, he heard I was interested.” She saw Konner again the following week, when Konner hosted a Halloween party at his house.

Later that fall, Konner made plans for their “first date,” reserving a night at a restaurant in the historical seaside city of Newport. But in reality, their real “first date” was a simple day together at Melanie’s college house. He showed up at Melanie’s house after class with her favorite food: mini hot dogs. 

“My senior-year house was right on the water and we spent the whole day with each other sitting on the deck, walking to the beach with some wine and just enjoying each other’s company,” says Melanie, who still calls that afternoon “our perfect day together.”

Over time, Melanie and Konner realized they were made for each other. After college, the two were taking summer vacations to Europe, first to Portugal to visit Melanie’s family, then somewhere new for an additional week. “Traveling to Europe is our favorite getaway every year and I knew that our third trip this summer should be extra special,” Konner says.

In other words, it was time to pop the question. Konner started planning that special moment by booking their annual European summer excursion: some time in Portugal, followed by a romantic French adventure in Paris and Cannes.

“Konner and I always talked about getting engaged and married someday,” recalls Melanie, who laid down three basic ground rules for the proposal: It had to be private, her nails had to be nicely manicured, and she had to be wearing high heels. (That last condition was a joke, Melanie says, though she was wearing high heels when Konner proposed.)

The Proposal

In early August, the couple was in Cannes, spending much of their three-day stay swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. That Tuesday, August 6,

Konner surprised Melanie by having planned an unforgettable catamaran day cruise on the Mediterranean.

That night, the two dined in Le Suquet, the medieval, cobblestoned “Old Town” section of Cannes. They strolled to Cannes’ landmark castle at the top of the hill, the Musee de la Castre, where Konner planned to propose (with a photographer hidden and waiting for the moment). He became nervous, acutely aware that the perfect moment was drawing near.

“He was sweating and could barely speak to me,” Melanie remembers, “but I convinced myself that everything was fine.”

Konner suddenly got down on one knee, then shot up again as he struggled to get the ring out of his pocket. The next thing he and Melanie knew, they were engaged. “The proposal was quirky,” she says. “We both cried together, and my smile was so big my cheeks hurt. It was a perfect dream come true. I had never felt that type of happiness before.”

About the Ring

Melanie had always wanted a ring that was small and dainty.  She envisioned wearing an engagement ring with a round center stone and small diamonds down the side.  One day she was walking with her mom by Braunschweiger Jewelers and decided to stop in. Melanie was looking at the engagement rings when she surprised herself and fell in love with a unique Ascher-cut diamond engagement ring.

Unbeknownst to Melanie, Konner had already been working on building her an engagement ring, so when the sales associate put 2 and 2 together at Konners next visit, they quickly switched gears and Konner walked out with Melanies dream ring.

These two lovers, who connected against a backdrop of autumn leaves four years ago, are now looking forward to the fall of 2020.