Congratulations to the following contestants who have qualified to partake in Braunschweiger’s first ever Diamond Dash!

Paul Ambrosini and Kassandra Silva

Connor Arnell and Morgan Smith

Francesca Vollaro and Ryan Duffy

Jasmin Rahman and Alexander Thomas

Jean Albert and Ian Borten

Cristina DiGiacomo and Zack Papadelias

Chris McManus and Lauren Nissenblatt

Scott Maxwell and Agata Mielczarek

Theo Sidiropoulos and Melissa Merolo

Christine Mathews and Geoff Miller

Olivia Methuen and Vincent Padula

Dana Leathman and Mike Vecchio

Michelle Wallace and Ian Countryman

Jimmy Castellano and Sarah Teixeira

Thomas McDonald and Emily Wallde

Emily Frisch and Thomas Ling

Dee Stewart and Tony Stewart

Madison Colaco and Mason Smith

Talia Benders and Erest Pope

Kellie Kucinski and Michael Warshany

Collen Grobert and Sunil Seth

Theresa Myers and Jim Myers

Now that you’ve been selected to participate in the November 9th Dash, we need a little more information from you. In order to grant you access to the event, Please check your inbox for further instructions.

We would love to feature you in stories leading up to the event! This includes any press, newspaper articles, blogs and social media. We will be reaching out to get some more information from you about why you decided to sign up for the Dash We already have a few interviews lined up for our amazing contestants!

The fun starts BRIGHT and EARLY! At 10AM we begin couple registration at Braunschweiger Jewelers. Please bring photo ID and proof of payment. The Dash will begin promptly at 11AM.

During registration, you will be given your t-shirt, your clue book and sign your media release forms for photo and video coverage for the day. After the dash, you will be given an AWESOME swag bag with gifts from all of the amazing Morristown businesses that took part in making this day happen. Oh, and one of you will leave with a $10,000 engagement ring!

We are so looking forward to meeting everyone and the upcoming wedding bells! If you have any questions about the event or about the process, please email us at In the coming weeks, keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail from us giving you all details about the Dash and anything you need to bring with you that day.

For full information on the Diamond Dash, please click here.