Educational: Jewelry Repair & Care

Why did my jewelry break?

So, you paid thousands of dollars for a very nice piece of jewelry and over the years it has grown to be as much a part of you as the hair on your own head. One day while wearing it the unthinkable happens – it breaks! But why?

Regardless of if your jewelry is a custom made designer piece, antique, or funky and eclectic, all jewelry is susceptible to damage and breaking…

How to prevent jewlery from tarnishing!

How to prevent jewlery from tarnishing!

If you’re like me, you probably have that one piece of jewelry that is only worn on special occasions. It’s kept hidden and safe in the jewelry box so you always know where it is when you want to wear it. The problem that me, my customers, and anyone who owns jewelry knows, is sometimes the item can appear a little off.