Summer Jewelry Care

Who doesn’t love spending a day at the pool, lake, or beach in the summer? Or maybe you travel for the winter and enjoy leisurely activities year-round. Regardless, be careful with your jewelry in and around water.

  • Clean jewelry and sunscreen don’t mix. Take your jewelry off before applying sunscreen or lotions. Sunscreen coats gemstones, leaving them dull and discolored. As lotion dries, it gets caught under prongs and stones, collects dirt, and can even force stones out.
  • Rinse your jewelry! If you don’t remove your jewelry or clean it right away, some stones can become permanently discolored. Sunscreen saves your skin, but destroys jewelry. Try to rinse off with water and bring to your local jewelers for a cleaning if you get caught in a situation where you can’t remove your jewelry.
  • Remember to remove your jewelry before entering pools or hot tubs. Pools, hot tubs, and jewelry don’t mix. The various types of chemicals found in either a hot tub or pool water can chemically react with the alloys in precious metals. This reaction can cause your jewelry to dull, discolor and eat away at the metal, wearing away prongs.
  • Salt water can damage your jewelry as well! Small pieces of jewelry, especially rings, can slip off undetected. If this happens, you are likely never going to find that item. If you misplace your jewelry while at the beach, you’d better have a metal detector on hand to recover it.
  • This goes for watches too! Saltwater on watches if not rinsed off will build up under moveable bezels and freeze them permanently so they won’t turn

Another reason to take your jewelry off before you hit the water is that the sand or dirt in the water will stick to your jewelry and scratch the metal and stones. There’s a reason they call sandpaper, sandpaper: Sand and dirt are abrasive, can cause considerable damage, and will make your item appear dirty, as well.

Get jewelry professionally cleaned regularly.

We recommend that you bring your jewelry, especially your rings, to the jeweler of your choice at least twice a year for a cleaning and professional inspection. Here at Braunschweiger Jewelers, we provide this as a complimentary service to prevent unwanted damage and ensure your jewelry is looking its best. To learn more about jewelry cleaning and inspections, come visit either of our New Jersey jewelry store locations in Morristown or New Providence to talk to any of our expert jewelers.

If you’d like to talk to someone directly about advice on cleaning jewelry, you can contact us online anytime by emailing us at, or simply fill out our contact form. We’ll answer your questions quickly